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Supplement Facts

Serving Size : Three Heaped Scoops (485 g)

Servings Per Container : 10

Nutrients Amount Per Serving % RDA*
Energy 1872kcal 68.57%
Total Fat 8g 26.67%
   Saturated Fat 2.52g **
    Trans Fat 0g **
Total Carbohydrates 400g **
   Added Sugar(Sucrose) 0g **
    Dietary Fiber 5g **
Protein 50g 83%
Vitamin A 375mcg 62.5%
Vitamin D2 5mcg 50%
Vitamin E 0.45mg 4.5%
Thiamin 0.45mg 32.14%
Riboflavin 1.6mg 100%
Niacin 3mg 16.67%
Vitamin B6 1mg 50%
Folic Acid 117.64mcg 100%
Vitamin B5 3mg 60%
Vitamin B12 1mcg 100%
Biotin 30mcg 100%
Calcium 500mg 83.33%
Iron 1.08mg 6.35%
Phosphorus 120mg 20%
Magnesium 120mg 35.29%
* RDA Value established as per ICMR Guidelines.    
** % RDA value not established.    
#% RDA as per WHO/FAO.    

^Derived Value

Product Description

  • Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold supplies that extra calories you need to put on the added kilograms you want.
  • When mixed with double toned milk, 3 heaped scoops provides 2200 calories, 73 grams of protein from an exclusive blend and 440 grams of carbohydrates.
  • It also supplies important ingredients like BCAA that every athletes want.
  • It is a vegetarian product and contains no banned substances.
Label (click image to enlarge)
GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer - 11 lbs, 5 kg (Dark Chocolate)


  • High-quality protein in a wellness formula.
  • Designed to digest and release varied intervals throughout the day to ensure your muscles get the amino acids they need.
  • BCAA present in the product, helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.
  • Digestive Enzymes present in the product helps aid protein and carbohydrate breakdown, making this weight gaining product.

Who should Consume

  • Looking for Appropriate muscle gain.
  • For Weight Lifters.
  • For people looking for weight gain

How to Consume

  • Mix 3 heaped scoops (485g) with 700 - 750 ml water, milk or any beverage of your choice and blend well.

  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place
  • Warning :Diabetics/Hypoglycemics: Consult your Physician before using this product.

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