Beyond Nutrition EAA Xtreme 30 servings (480gm)

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Beyond nutrition EAA’s extreme 480gm (30 servings) is highly recommend in intra workout, contains high quality ingredients to hydrate, pump and supporting muscle growth formula, vitamin C 40mg, calcium 52 mg, phosphorus 90mg, magnesium 40mg, sodium 370mg, potassium 90mg, EAA/Bcaa matrix, L-leucine 3g, L-isoleucine 1.5g, L-valine 1.5g, L-lysine 1g, L-threonine 800mg, L-phenylalanine 500mg, L-histidine 100mg, L-tryptophan 75mg, L-methionine 25mg, hydration matrix, Betaine 1.5g, coconut water powder 500mg, BEYOND NO2 matrix 50mg, BEYOND NUTRITION EAA’s Xtreme is manufactured in FDA registered facility, our concept is to provide highest quality and best tasting products in market which gives best result, no banned and cheap products were used during manufacturing processes, all products are made maintaining room temperature of facility and kept and dry and Cool place where no directly sunlight hits.

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