olimp creatine monohydrate 50 servings

olimp creatine monohydrate 50 servings

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Creatine Monohydrate Powder Product Details:

Creatine monohydrate in powder, food intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sports people. The product delivers creatine monohydrate, a molecule that can be found in the human body by nature. Consumption of creatine increases physical performance during short-term, high intensity, repeated exercise bouts (refers to the daily intake of 5g creatine).

Additional description

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Early in the 20th century, researchers discovered that by taking creatine supplements, we can drastically increae the creatine content in our muscles. A few years later, it was discovered that these supplements increase the intramuscular storage amounts of creatine and is vital in the metabolism of skeletal muscles. While creatine has been studied by scientists for over a hundred years, the public's first awareness of the benefits of creatine began after the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona after it was reported that several gold medal winners had used creatine as a daily part of the workout and diet regime.

Early in 1993 creatine supplements became available to the public commercially after further research indicated these supplements led to improved athletic performance. Further research in 2003 has confirmed these results ensuring athletes of all levels, bodybuilders and many fitness enthusiasts that the use of creatine is highly effective and safe. Other studies have shown that creatine increases satellite cell activity in the human body and leaders to muscle hypertrophy. Creatine has also been shown to lead to an increase in repair to damaged muscle fibers following workouts. The use of creatine has also been shown to an increase in memory and cognitive performance.

Creatine comes in several different forms but the common and most effective form of creatine is creatine monohydrate which is creatine combined with a water molecule. This type of creatine comes in several different ingestable forms such as a powder which can be mixed into a drink or capsules or caplet. This variety makes the creatine supplement easy to use for anyone seeking increased athletic performance.

Primarily because of its safety and the fact that creatine is a naturally occurring substance, use of these supplements is not considered doping and creatine is not banned by the majority of the world's sports governing authorities. Creatine is the ideal supplement to provide highly competitive and active athletes with a dramatic boost in their athletic performance and other positive benefits as well.

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